07 December 2012

VIVI Magazine English version Nov 2012 - mag scans

FINALLY!! I got my hands on the English version out of the VIVI Magazine. The English version is only sold in Malaysia at the moment, so it's extremely hard to get when you are living in Europe. Thanks to one of my readers, I finally got my hands on the VIVI Magazine Malaysia Edition. Today I will share the November 2012 issue with you ^^. Be aware that this blogpost has a lot of pictures so it might take some time to load. Please show some appreciation by following my blog through Google Friend Connect or Facebook. The download link is below, enjoy girls!
If you want to check out the Japanese version, go to this link and scroll down: VIVI MAG SCANS.

Download the English version
Click on DOWNLOAD HERE and please wait a few seconds until the page is loaded. At the right top you will see a button "Skip Ad", Click on it and it will lead you to a different page, click on slow speed download and wait for 30 seconds, after that write the code that's visible, click send and click on download. Update: i've changed the download link and you are able to download it again.

Notice: You must download it quickly, otherwise the link will expire, so make sure that you're downloading this within this week. Please don't ask me if I can re-upload it again later. I will only upload the issue ONCE!

There are a few differences between the two versions. You will notice that the English version has less pages than the Japanese version. The commercial pages are different and there are different beauty/hair tips in the English version.

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