19 November 2012

Memorable Days has a new layout!

You probably have noticed it already ^^ Memorable Days has a brand new layout! No pink or purple anymore but just grey, yellow and black :D. I hope you like the simple look. I have been working on this layout for a while, even during the nights since i'm more concentrated during that time. It's actually not completely done yet, but i'm quite satisfied with this look already. Please use Safari, Google chrome or Firefox when visiting my blog, since the pictures have a better quality on these browsers.

Let me explain a few features that I have added to the layout:
1.) Menu bar: you can click on every word which will refer you to somewhere else on the blog, it depends on what you are clicking of course.
2.) Yellow and black bar: the yellow bar is showing the labels of the blogpost and the black one shows the title of the blogpost. Both bars are clickable.
3.) Summary: this is a short introduction of the blogpost.
4.) Read more: you can click on read more to read the whole blogpost.
5.) Comment: if you click on it, it will bring you to the comment section of the blogpost.
6.) Search: if you are looking for something on my blog, you can use the search bar.
7.) Back to top: it will bring you to the top of the page. I thought that this was useful when reading a long blogpost. 

Leave a comment in the comment section if you notice any errors or anything else and please let me know what you think about the new layout ^___^. I would love to hear from you, since YOU are the one who is reading it hihihi. Love you all ~!
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