21 November 2012

Review: Kawayii Eyelashes from Uniqso.com

Emphasize your eyes by creating a sweet look with these false eyelashes. Today I will be reviewing a pair of eye lashes of the brand: Kawayii (no I didn't spell this wrong). I recently received these from Uniqso.com for review purposes. Most of the people know that Uniqso.com is selling circle lenses, but did you know that they also sell false eyelashes? Continue with reading if you want to know my opinion about the Kawayii lashes....
Wearing adorable lashes from uniqso.com

False eyelashes 
I received 3 pair of eyelashes and 1 pair of bottom lashes. I've always loved natural eyelashes rather than the dramatic ones, so I'm glad that they have send me these. The lashes are looking exactly the same as on the pictures on their website, which is of course, great! They are sold for $2.90 per pair and you can only use it 1-2 times.

These are the links to the products:
#001 : Secret (link to the product)
#023 : Natural Long (link to the product)
#025 : Under Lash (link to the product)
#032 : Vivid (link to the product)
How it looks and feels... 
The eyelashes are feeling a little bit rough. Thankfully, you won't feel it when you have it on, it actually feels very comfortable, like you don't have anything on your eyelids. They were easy to apply, the band is flexible and I didn't even have to cut it since it fitted perfectly. If you look at the pictures below, you can see that it looks extremely natural. This is thanks to the clear lash band and the design of the lashes. You can't even see that I have false eyelashes on, it looks like my own lashes with mascara on. In the pictures below I've tried the #001-Secret lashes:
- Inexpensive
- Looks very natural
- Doesn't feel heavy
- Flexible lash band

- Doesn't come with glue
- Lashes can only be used 1-2 times
- Feels a bit rough

My opinion 
I love it that it looks so natural and that it felt so comfortable. I was also surprised that they fitted perfectly, I didn't even have to cut the ends of the lashes. I definitely will purchase more of these since they aren't expensive and worth to buy. The huge downside is that its quite fragile and it falls a bit apart after the second time, so you really can only use it 1-2 times. Please keep in mind that these lashes might look different on your eyes, since the shape of your eyes are different. Unless you have hidden/inner lids like me :).

If you are interested, you can purchase these at Uniqso.com.

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