04 November 2012

A few shots in Amsterdam ...

Hi girls ^^! It has been a while... I'm so thankful for all the readers who always stick around even when I have no updates, I really appreciate it :). I will try to blog more often in the following weeks since I have a bit more time. Anyways, today will just be a boring and lame blogpost where I share a few pictures that I took the other day. I walked around Amsterdam with my sister and snapped a few shots with my camera. Lol, we both felt like tourists, but it's actually a lot of fun being a tourist in a city that you're familiar with xD. Have you ever felt like a tourist in your own country before?

well, this is my sis with a random "guy" , we just asked for a picture lol .. 

ok, a normal beauty blogpost will be posted soon hehe ...

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