30 October 2012

Leopard Scarf from BornPrettyStore.com

Leopard scarfs are still fashionable! It's a nice accessory which will keep you warm while still looking fabulous. This scarf is not warm enough for the extremely cold days though, but it's great when it's a little bit chilly and you can always wear it indoors ;). Continue with reading if you want to know more about it.....

It's available in two colors: brown and grey. The size is around 48cm * 155cm. Material: cotton blend. It's a sheer scarf just like in the pictures below, but it's not that long, you can twist it around your neck once.

Price and Where to buy? 
I got mine at Bornprettystore.com (link to the product) for $5.94 with free shipping. You can use my code MDJ61 to get 10% OFF! They offer worldwide free shipping so you don't need to worry about high shipping costs ;).

Get the look
Stars like Nicole Richie are wearing leopard scarfs as well. This print is fashionable and very easy to match with simple clothing.

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