17 September 2012

SASA HAUL - Essential, Rosette & My Beauty Diary products

I've purchased a few products at Sasa.com recently. It took ages (almost 2 months) to come here since it was held by customs =.=". Ugh, don't you just hate that? Anyways, I'm happy that it finally arrived ^^. I've been dying to try out all of these products so you can expect reviews about these soon ^^.

I bought some kawaii Rosette foaming sponges. Review about these sponges will be online this week ^^.
The My Beauty Diary blossom & white lotus moisturizing mist. I've always wanted to try out this mist!
I also bought the Essential conditioner and shampoo, it smells so so good, can't wait to try!
This is my second jar of the Essential Ultra Honey & Shea butter hair mask. I just LOVE the scent so much and it feels so moist on my hair, (check out the review).

Stay tuned for the reviews!

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