19 September 2012

Review: Rosette - Foaming Sponge from Sasa.com

Since a lot of you girls were interested in these foaming sponges from Rosette I decided to test it out and write a review about it right away ^__^. These sponges were in my hesitating to buy list for quite some time. However I recently watched a video from Youtuber katykissbo who was testing these out and I was amazed how much foam it created. Therefore I bought a pack of sponges to try out myself as well!

Rosette Foaming Sponge is designed to let you easily create lather with your facial wash. The sponge is easy to get dry. And there is a convenient stand for it (the dark pink stand).

I bought it at sasa.com (link to the product) for €4.70, which is around €1.57 per sponge, you can say that it's quite expensive for a few sponges. But these are soooo adorable looking ^^ ahhh look at the cute packaging!!!

At the back of the packaging it's explained how to use it. Just look at the pictures if you don't know japanese lol.

Place it on the stand after you've used it.

These sponges are feeling quite rough so don't rub it on your face.

How to use 
1.) Wet the foaming sponge.
2.) Add facial wash to the sponge.
3.) Rub and squeeze the sponge on your hands to create foam. (Don't rub the sponge on your face.)
4.) Clean your face with the lather created and rinse with water afterwards.

My opinion 
OMG, aren't these sponges just SUPER ADORABLE?! As you can see, it works really really well! I was so amazed when I saw so much lather o_o. This Hada labo face wash normally doesn't foam (check out the review), it really was the sponge which created so much lather. I squeezed the sponge just a few times and the lather was visible already. I've used the foam to clean my skin and it feels very comfortable. It's great that they have added a stand as well, so you can easily put it on your sink and it takes around 5 hours until the sponge is dry.

Definitely recommended if you like a lot of foam ^^! Like I said before you can purchase it at sasa.com (link to the product).

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