21 September 2012

Review: SLEEK MAKE UP - Blemish Balm/ BB Cream in Fair

A few weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about the BB cream from SLEEK Make Up (go to the blogpost). This BB cream from SLEEK just came into the beauty market and it became popular within one month, one of the reasons is probably because it's also available for dark skin tones! I was so excited to try it when I saw this in my mailbox! I know a lot of you were curious about Sleek's Blemish Balm too, so I decided to write a review about it ^^. Click on read more below.

Description (taken from the press release)
What product can be used as a primer, tinted moisturizer, contains SPF15, is highly moisturizing, conceals blemishes, has anti-aging properties and provides full coverage? It's Sleek Make Up's Be Beautiful Blemish Balm. This BB cream aims to brighten your complexion and leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant.

This BB cream is enriched with red algae extract which provides anti ageing properties and protein peptides that work to repair the skin, this tube of winder contains Vitamin C that brightens the complexion leaving your skin with a youthful and luminous finish whilst the Vitamin E protects the skin from early stages of UV light damage and reduces the formation of free radicals that could lead to premature ageing. The jojoba oil provides a moisturizing formula that creates a smooth and flawless base, concealing imperfections whilst preventing discoloration and dehydration lines.

Price and Where to buy? 
You can purchase this at Superdrug and on their website www.sleekmakeup.com (link to the product). It's sold for €10.99 per tube. Available in 4 shades: fair, light, medium and dark.

I'm loving the packaging! The BB cream is filled in a black matte squeeze tube (50ml - 1.76 fl. oz.). It has a small opening, which means that you can determine how much BB cream may come out. Now that's a PLUS ;)!

Ingredient list: 

Texture, Scent & Coverage 
This Blemish Balm is scentless. It easily absorbs to the skin, makes your skin moist and it doesn't feel heavy at all! It has a creamy, slightly sticky texture and is medium thick, which makes it a little bit hard to spread and layer the BB cream. Although the texture is thick, the coverage is quite sheer. It won't be able to cover dark spots or acne scars etc.. However, it does work well for easing redness, evening out the skin, concealing minor issues and ease dullness or tired looking skin. This BB cream definitely brightenes up the complexion. It just makes the skin glow and it creates a really beautiful canvas for makeup.

I received the BB cream in the color FAIR, which is great for people between NC15-NC20 (this color is perfect for me!). It has a little bit of a grayish undertone but it isn't noticeable when you have the BB cream on. It instantly adapts to your own skin tone.
My opinion
I just love scentless, moist and non-heavy BB creams. It's great that this cream protects the skin from harmful rays as well. Sleek Make Up's Blemish Balm eased my redness and evened out my skin tone. However, it didn't cover up my scars and freckles. The coverage is sheer and this cream is more suitable for people with a flawless looking skin or people who don't need much coverage.

I definitely noticed that this BB cream gave me a natural glow on my skin. I loved it when I first saw the effect! It brightened and eased my tired looking skin. I have a combination - dry skin so I thought that this BB cream would be suitable for me. However, after a few hours my face looked really OILY. This BB cream is probably a bit too moist for me. Some blotting papers would solve this problem, but this is the reason why I prefer matte BB creams =/.

This BB cream is more suitable for people with a dehydrated, dry or normal skin type and not for people with an oily skin type. Darn, I wish I had a normal skin type =(.

This product was send to me for review purposes. 



  1. Sounds like a good BB cream for me, since it is moisturizing. Did you try setting your face with powder? Perhaps that will help with the oil.

  2. Thank you for sharing this!! ^-^ I am so excited to go to the UK next week and buy AAALLL the sleek make-up products XD Since my skin is pretty hard to cover flawlessly I motsly use a BB cream as a base and another product on top to achieve full cover. So far, I really liked your review and I am curious about trying out this so thank you! :)

  3. The swatch looks really heavy. I think I'll stick with L'Oreal.

  4. This looks very nice! Thanks for the review :)

  5. klinkt en ziet er goed uit, totdat je zegt dat hij niet geschikt is voor mensen met vette huid :(.

  6. This looks interesting....the color seems good for us fair girls :) Have you tried it with a primer? I have dehydrated skin so this might work well for me

  7. It sounds really great! Your skin sounds similar to mine though so I'm not sure if it would suit me. It might work well though in the dryer months!

  8. It looks great, except for the oil issue :(
    Girls with normal skins are so lucky... why aren't we like them??!!

  9. yeah, setting it with powder helps for a couple of hours, or blotting it with paper helps as well.. but not for long =/ ..

  10. yeah, the bb cream is medium thick but the coverage is quite sheer though..

  11. :( jup.. als je een vette huis hebt, zal ik deze zeker afraden.

  12. you should try it out ^^.. yeah, i always use a primer underneath it, but still... the bb cream is quite hard to spread because the texture is quite thick.

  13. jup.. i'm going to try it out again in the winter ^^ hope it works better

  14. i know rightttttt :( ! i wish i had normal and flawless skin sigh


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