10 September 2012

My Sleek Make Up Haul - BB Cream, Storm Palette and more

I know, I know ... a lot of Haul blogposts lately hehehe.. I have been buying a lot of things recently. I should plan a shopping ban or something. However, I just couldn't resist it, a lot of items were just so tempting to buy >.<" y'll know that feeling right?! Anyways, in this blogpost I will be showing my Sleek Make Up Haul. Can you still remember my previous Sleek blogpost where I reviewed the London palette? - link to blogpost. I was very satisfied with that one, so I decided to get more Sleek products. I received a coupon code from Sleek Make Up, so it wasn't too expensive for me to get all of these products. They also changed their whole website layout recently, it's way better than the previous one and more professional, visit their website: http://www.sleekmakeup.com.
I purchased a Corrector & Concealer Palette in shade 1 (link to the product), it has SPF15 as you can see on the packaging. It cost €10.- which is a reasonable price to me for this concealer.
Next is the famous Rose Gold blush from Sleek, I have seen this blush on many blogs before with great reviews, so I can't wait to try it out! They have A LOT of shades, I was so surprised when I saw their assortment, it's huge! This blush cost €5.50 (link to the product).
I am very curious about this powder. It claims that it will give you a super-smooth finish. Since I have an oily T-zone, this product might be perfect for me. It's quite large and it's €10.-, I bought it in the shade Shell (link to the product). They have a lot of shades which are also suitable for people with a darker skin tone ;).
The next product is a illuminator, I actually never tried a liquid illuminator before, so I hope this product will brighten my face a bit :). It's called Glisten Me and they have it in 2 shades: Empress and Goddess, I have it in the shade Empress, which is the lightest shade. It cost €7.49 and can be purchased on the website (link to the product).
This is the BB cream of Sleek that everybody is curious about. I wrote about the BB cream a few days ago, see blogpost. I got it in shade Fair, which is the lightest shade. Sleek Make up have send this BB cream to me for review purposes, so I will be posting a review about this Blemish Balm soon. I can't seem to find this product on their website yet, so you gotta wait for that =/, they should have it at Superdrug already though.
The last product that I got is the famous i-Divine Storm Palette! There are 12 shades in it and it's €10.- only! They have more palettes in their assortment, so go check 'm out ;) (link to the product).

Don't worry, I will be reviewing all of the products, stay tuned!
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