04 July 2012

SLEEK MAKEUP: I-Divine Glory Palette, London Calling...

Sleek makeup launches a new make up palette inspired by the Olympics which will be held in London this year. It's from a limited edition collection, so this will only be available for a limited period. This collection is called London Calling.. and includes a blush, the famous pout polish and the i-divine glory palette which I'm going to review today. There are some very bright colors in this palette, you either love it or hate it.. check out some swatches in this blogpost.

I've always wanted to try SLEEK Make up actually, but it's quite hard to get in The Netherlands. I can't just buy it at the drugstore nearby since this brand is not available here. Unfortunately, I can only buy it online. The reason why I wanted to try products of SLEEK Make up is because of the reasonable price, the great pigmentation and I just love the color combination in their make up palettes.

Price & Where to buy
You can purchase this at Superdrug from the 4th of July and on their website www.sleekmakeup.com for £7.99, which isn't expensive at all. People in The Netherlands can purchase Sleek make up at Boozyshop.nl. I'm not sure if they are going to sell this collection as well, but they do sell some of their collections.

It has a nice & neat packaging. At the back you can find the ingredients.
As you can see, there are 12 colors in this palette. There are some very bright colors in this palette but also some dark shades, shimmery and matte ones as well. It includes a sponge brush with 2 ends and a huge mirror o.o, totally love the mirror!

Names of the eyeshadows

You might recognize the names of the eye shadows if you have visited London before. Some of them are named after the famous underground stations in London. First row from left to right: Tube, Overground, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Platform, Northern. Second row from left to right: District, Hammersmith and city, Picadilly, Circle, Victoria, Central. 

First row from left to right: Tube, Overground, Bakerloo.
Second row from left to right: District, Hammersmith and city, Picadilly.
First row from left to right: Jubilee, Platform, Northern.
Second row from left to right: Circle, Victoria, Central. 
The only color which I didn't like was Platform, the matte light grey eye shadow. The pigmentation is the worst of all 12 and I think it's weird that there is a matte eyeshadow in this palette. It somehow just doesn't match. 

Face of the day 
I created a very simple look with 2 eye shadows of this palette, the yellow (circle) and green (district) one. I even created a gradient, but it's not really visible with my monolids lol. I don't like dramatic looks, so that's why I kept it simple. I definitely recommend Sleek make up palettes. It's worth the money since the pigmentation is great! 



  1. This is perfect! The package is so pretty too!

  2. I like the bright colours, I was hoping the green would be a little brighter though!


  3. yellow and olive green totally compliment your skin!!! I wish we had sleek too! How cheap is it compared to normal drugstore stuff?Reminds me of essence, when I saw it on your blog, thought they didnt sell it in canada, then I saw it in a different store! maybe this will happen again here, jkjk ;) glad your travels were fun!

  4. Ik hou van die kleurtjes die in dit palette zitten :D 

  5. extremely cheap actually since it's less than 10 euros for a great palette !! definitely recommend this :D i'm glad you can purchase this at your store nearby too :D

  6. yeah, it's quite bright, but just not that visible in the picture =/ 

  7. Unfortunately I fell in love with Sleek Make-up while living in Asia, therefore I couldn't lay my hands on their palettes until now! >__< I really really want to though! Will order one or two once I'm back in Germany, all German bloggers are freaking out about their palettes :) I like the look you created, I never used yellow I guess! Should change that :)

  8. thank you sam :D you can always purchase it online at their website :) 

  9. I know, but I live in Asia at the moment and wanted to wait until I'm back in Germany to save shipping fees + time! :) But I am excited for the time I finally get them :D

  10. Gorgeous! I've heard that they're inspired by the london tube system. xD I think that's super cute!

  11. Ohh it looks very nice on you! The colors are bright but pretty and you pull it off well!

  12. yesss. the names are inspired by the london subway stations

  13. I loved your make-up ! I never thought in put them in thiss way . Someday, I will definitely try . :)


  14. Oh yay, you tried out some colours! I saw a picture you uploaded of this palette, they look really nice. I thought about putting it on my want list but I have so many eye shadows already, I really don't need more.. but so.. pretty! hehe

  15. thank youu ^^ it's actually very simple :P

  16. yesss. the eye shadows are very colorful :D !! like it ^^ !!.. sigh i also have plenty of eyeshadows but i just can't get enough hahah :P

  17. i understand :D it is a limited edition though, so make sure to get it quick if you want this palette ^^"  

  18. I only recognise a few names coz of Monopoly.. hahahaha >///< I like the look you did! I'm not very into brights (cannot work with them for the life of me) but I like how you made use of the bright colours ^___^


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