12 August 2012

My Life in Pictures - Beauty, Food & Scenery

These are the pictures that I took a week ago. I've posted all of the photos on my instagram before, so most of the pictures can be familiar to you ;). Follow me there if you have instagram as well, my username there is: kawaiipeachies. Lets look at the pictures shall we ^^!?

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Finally, ESSIE nail polishes are sold in The Netherlands. 
Quite expensive though €9,99 WTF!

I'm just loving the view in Holland! 
Olympus pen camera's, both are so pretty ^__^!
Which color do you prefer?
Mint thee, it looks like mojito lol 

Cute chocolate green thee dessert  
AMAZING view, the sky is pink and purple WTF?! 
Sleek make up palette, i've posted a review about this one before.  
Macaroons from Laduree, love it!
Me with extensions on... 
Gosh i can't wait until my hair has that length again. 
NOTD: Kiko nail polish, love it! 
Too bad that this tvb serie is over..
 what a stupid ending though, but i loved bosco! 
My baby nephew is getting big ^^
Took a picture while I was on a boat...  



  1. The essie polishes look amazing! Love all the colours there :)

  2. haha ja de essie nagelakjes zijn hier best duur, maar wel heel leuk!
    en de macarons van laduree zijn de beste haha ^^^


  3. Aww, your little nephew is cute ^^
    And the weather in Holland right now looks great! It's rainy and cold where I am right now~

  4. OMGI WATCHED THAT TV SERIES SO GOOD!! yeah it was sad in the end though!!
    Aww cute pic of u!!
    purple sky--wow never saw a sky that purple incanada!
    yummy :)
    cute nephew! bet he looks up to u!

  5. Goodness! I've been hearing so much about those macarons. I know what the first thing I'm eating when I finally visit Europe! Mmmm falafel pasta is heavenly~ you're hair is so long :3 I think I like it better that way!

  6. lovedddd that tvb serieee omg :D

  7. normally its always rainy in holland.. but somehow this week its very shiny xD sun is finally shining!

  8. me 2 ^^ but quite expensive though =(


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