04 June 2012

Review: IT'S SKIN - Macaron Lip Balm Collection

Macaroons! Who doesn't like them?! Macaroons has become extremely popular this year. More and more companies are starting to make macaroon shaped products since those round shaped snacks are so colorful and cute looking ^^. A month ago my sister came back from South-Korea and bought me some cute lip balms of the brand, It's Skin! The packaging is so adorable ^^ I just want to eat it up hahaha. Some of you probably have heard of this brand. It's quite popular in South-Korea, partly thanks to 2PM since they are the spokespersons of It's Skin.

YES! Adorable Nickhun from 2pm ^^ is promoting the Macaron Lip Balm Collection =D! There are 4 flavours in total: pineapple (yellow), green apple (green), grape (purple) and strawberry (pink). These fruity lip balms moisturizes, nourishes and softens your dried lips.
Where to purchase? 
You can purchase this on Ebay.com for $12,50, or at G-Market for $5.-. What a price difference right xD?!
Scent & Structure
The fruity scent is so lovely! All 4 of them have a nice scent and it tastes good too hahaha. The green apple flavour is my favorite! The structure is just like other regular lip balms, it's not sticky and it won't give you  glossy lips afterwards, your lips will just feel moist :).

Main ingredients
Vitamin A, C, E derivatives,Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chrysanthmum extract.

Lovely pastel colors

My opinion

These lip balms are so lovely! My lips stays moist for a long time and the scent of the lip balms are just so yummy ^^! I totally love the packaging, it really looks like macaroons!! It easily fits in my make up bag as well. I'm far more positive about these lip balms =D and I highly recommend these since they are so moist, cute and yummy! What do you think? Would you give this a try?
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