18 May 2012

Swatch: Catrice Ultimate Colour 130 Frozen Rose

I recently bought a lipstick of the brand Catrice. It's my first lipstick of Catrice actually and I am curious how it is. Have you checked out my haul which I posted about a week ago? Go to my haul blogpost. In this blogpost I will review the lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Colour Frozen Rose #130, make sure to check out the swatches ^___^!

Packaging & Price
The packaging of the lipstick looks pretty classy, it looks more expensive than it actually is. It's sturdy and you will hear a *click* sound when you close the cap. By this, you're sure that the cap won't fall open in your bag. The lipstick is €3.99 and can be purchased at Kruidvat in The Netherlands. I'm sure that you can find it in many drugstores in Germany as well.

The lipstick has a little fruity scent to it. I'm not a huge fan of fruity scents but it's not too overwhelming so I can bare with it :). However, I do prefer scentless lipsticks.

It's a bright pink color, I call it barbie pink hehe.. It's slightly too bright for me, but it looks nice in pictures. The pigmentation is great, 1-2 sweeps are enough. Unfortunately the lipstick didn't stay long on my lips, approximately 1 hour? I didn't apply a lip primer in advance.

My lips are quite red in natural, so I usually don't apply lipstick. See picture below for the before (left) and after (right) picture. As you can see it has a glossy finish.
» Good pigmentation
» Not expensive
» Classy and Sturdy packaging
» Glossy finish

» Available in The Netherlands & Germany, but it's hard to get outside of Europe
» Won't stay on your lips for long
» It emphasizes the wrinkles on my lips
» Fruity scent

Will I repurchase this? No.., it's a pity that the lipstick won't stay for long. 


  1. Jammer dat 'ie niet zo lang blijft zitten want de kleur is wel mooi!

  2. mooie foto's! ♥ Catrice blijft inderdaad niet goed zitten, maar ze hebben wel erg een ruime keus qua kleuren. Je hebt wel een mooi kleurtje gekocht ^^ 

  3. looks great!! Actually looks very natural and feminine in the pics ;)

  4. klopttt, wellicht ga ik nog een andere kleur halen, maar wel jammer dat ie niet lang blijft zitten

  5. ja, heel jammer =/... zou ze allemaal wel willen als ze langer zouden blijven zitten xD

  6. that is such a pretty nude pink colour

  7. It's a natural pink but with an extra touch, cute in color ^^

  8. Adorable colour, it's like a soft rose. ^^ Thankyou for the swatches.

  9. The colour is very pretty! And the packaging looks quite classy too, considering the good price. Pity that it doesn't have good lasting power :(

  10. yeah =( i hate it that it doesn't stay for a long time, otherwise it would be perfect x_x

  11. Gorgeous colour! It's very similar to my fav estee lauder crystal baby! Such an easy colour to just pick and go!~

  12. I LOVE this colour on you. Probably one of my favourites. It's such a lovely pink shade that definitely emphasizes your natural lip. I would make it your new daily lip!


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