My Life in Pictures - Colorful Days #2

Hi all, this is another my life in pictures blogpost. I took tons of pictures during the previous week and I'm going to show you a few of them in this blogpost. I have posted these on my instagram before ;) so you might recognize most of the pictures.

I went to a drugstore in Amsterdam to check out some new make up & nail polish collections and I saw this huge O.P.I stash... omg o.o I just want to bring the whole collection to home lol. I'm loving all those cute colors ^^!

My leopard print nails: tutorial blogpost here. I'm just loving the mint color and those studs at the background ^^!

I was walking outside in the early morning and saw this lovely fountain ^^ whoa, it always feels so fresh when I walk around it.
It's still cold in The Netherlands so layers are crucial !!!!
Uhhh.. What did I just eat.. o_O"?!

My iphone cover is matching with those macaroons pretty well xD!! lovely colors <3!

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