14 May 2012

Purchased Chiffon Clothing From Ebay.com

UPDATE : Totally forgot to update about the clothing, thank you Filo for reminding me. I was so disappointed when I received the clothing. The quality sucked extremely bad. It was way too sheer, it was short, wasn't stretchy and didn't have a model. It's definitely my worst purchase ever! I opened the package, looked at the clothing and threw it aside, it was just too ugly to look at, seriously. Don't buy this when you see this online =.=" the pictures are misleading. 

I often purchase beauty products, accessories like rings, bracelets, necklaces or Iphone accessories on Ebay.com. However, I have never purchased clothing, shoes or bags there. Today I placed my very first order at a Clothing shop on Ebay.com. I bought two chiffon tops which are great for the summer. I just wanted to have it when I saw it on their website, since I know that these tops won't be available in The Netherlands. I hope it will arrive hahah, I will post another blogpost online when I've received the products to show you how the quality and their service is. Check out the pictures below to see what I've purchased.
  • I purchased this light blue chiffon top with a cute collar attached. It only comes with one size which is small. They have several colors but I like the light blue one the most :). Check out the other colors below. It was only $7.28 including free shipping. I've purchased it from this seller: Xuxingxiong2012 who lives in China. 

  • The second top that I bought is also a chiffon top but slightly different than the previous one. This one doesn't have a collar, but it has a cute pattern around the straps and at the end of the top. It's a cute detail that I like ^^. I bought it in the color red. It looks a bit red/pink in the picture below. It only comes in a (extra) small size. Length: 54cm - bust: 40cm. They also have it in different colors, see pictures below. I bought this top for $5.88 from this seller: ebestart who lives in China. 

Have you ever purchased clothing at Ebay.com before?

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