20 April 2012

Vivi JP magazine, May 2012 issue - mag scans

A small notice before I start with today's blogpost. Yesterday you saw tons of picture errors on my blog, all thanks to photobucket ¬¬. I've tried to fix all pictures on my blog and the layout is back to normal now. I freaked out when I saw those errors, I hope it didn't freak you out lol. It's not a virus or something o_O".. the cause of the errors was that there were too many visitors who were viewing the pictures on my blog which exceeded my bandwidth on photobucket account (if that makes any sense). I'm going to look for an other hosting website, please recommend a good one to me if you know one :).

Lena fujii
Ok.. back to today's blogpost! Today I would like to share the VIVI JP May issue 2012! You've been waiting for a long time for this.. i know >.<"~ but it's finally here! Lena fujii is on this months cover! I'm loving this cover ^^ it makes me think of Spring because of the pastel colors =D LOVE IT! Click on the link below if you would like to download the whole issue. I didn't add a password this time so feel free to download it and let me know if you get an error or whatever. I will do my best to fix it :).

Would you like to read the whole Vivi May 2012 issue? DOWNLOAD.
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