Review: Bornprettystore Handmade False Eyelashes

If you think of Bornprettystore, you will think of nail art products right? Did you know that they also sell false eyelashes ^^? I received a box of handmade black false eyelashes from for review purposes. I reviewed a pair of eyelashes from them before, see previous review. The eyelashes which I'm going to review in this blogpost are made of high quality fibre. There are 10 pairs in one box and on the website it says that it looks natural and true on the eyes! These eyelashes are brandless and just to make it clear, these are NOT Princess Lee eyelashes, even though the packaging looks a bit like it. Keep on reading if you want to see how these eyelashes will look on my monolids ^^.

Price (Coupon code) and Where to buy?
You can get a box with 10 pairs of eyelashes for a price of $8.54 at including free shipping. Feel free to use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 7% OFF on your purchase at Bornprettystore. It only took 8 days till it arrived at my place which is extremely fast since they are sending it from Asia.
It comes in a white carton box and it has golden stickers at the end of each eyelash to keep it in place. I like the heart at the front of the packaging ^^.
Me with the eye lashes on.. it looks very natural isn't it ^^?
Quality & Length
The eyelashes are quite long compared to the previous one that I reviewed. I was scared that it would look dramatic on my eyes. However, it surprisingly looks very natural =D. Keep in mind, I have monolids. It might look a bit dramatic on people with double eyelids because of the length of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are soft, it doesn't feel plastic-y which is good. It's made of high quality fibre ;).
Camwhoring with the eyelashes on!
I know, I know.. These pictures aren't that good since you can't see the eyelashes that clearly. However, you can definitely see that it looks natural ;). In the picture below where I'm closing my eyes, you're able to see the length of the lashes. Very long right?
My opinion
Overall, I'm very pleased with these eyelashes that I received. It looks very natural on my monolids and not heavy at all. These are definitely approved for monolids lol buy if you're looking for a natural look! The price is reasonable since you will get 10 pairs. Besides, I've always liked the service from bornprettystore, because they react fast with emails and the shipping time is short as well (depends where you live).

Don't forget to use my code MDJ61 to get 7% OFF on your purchase at Bornprettystore ;). Make sure to visit the website if you would like to buy nail art products, false eyelashes and more.

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