07 September 2011

Review: Rosette Hello Kitty Peeling Gel (Apple Gommage)

In this blogpost I'm going to review the Hello Kitty Peeling Gel of the brand Rosette. Rosette introduced a limited edition collection last year with a kiki & lala (Little twins stars, Sanrio characters) theme but also a Hello Kitty theme. Yes, it was last year when they introduced it into the market, but many stores are still selling them. Many people say that this product is the cheap version of the Cure Natural Aqua Gel and I can say in advance that it's not exactly the same. 

Description on Sasa
Rosette HELLO KITTY Apple Gommage, a fresh gel-type cleanser, cleanses the face with substances like rubber ends formed after massage. It adheres to the blackheads, dirt and sebum of pores. It thoroughly removes corneum layers as well as those blackheads clogged in pores, turning rough skin into smooth skin. It contains many kinds of AHA to leave skin as delicate as the egg white of a boiled egg, and various types of humectants to fully moisturize skin. Continual use makes skin primed for make-up. The make-up will be long-lasting!

Price & Where to buy?
I bought it for $8.20 at sasa.com. (It's out of stock at the moment.) There is 120 gram in it, which is a lot. The price is very cheap for the amount of product that you get. Once you open this product you have to use it within 6 months.

It has a very cute packaging. There is a Hello Kitty face at the front and there is a Japanese description of the product and it's described how to use it at the back. As you can see it's a tube and you can easily squeeze the product out. There is a lid on this tube which makes it easy to open it. On the packaging there is also a blue sticker attached with a hello kitty head including the letters AHA on it, they just want to emphasize that there is AHA in it. Anyways, I think that the packaging is lovely, it's cute and easy to use.
I wish I could read Japanese xD haha.... Thankfully, Sasa added a Chinese description, so I was able to read and know how to use it.

Once you open the lid you will smell the lovely apple scent. I'm loving the scent of this product ^^ it smells fresh and it's not overwhelming.

Glycerin, apple extract, malic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, glucose, allantoin.

How to use
1. Wash your face and dry it.
2. Dispense an appropriate amount (muscat-sized) to gently apply to the whole face, avoid the eyes. Massage it for about 1 minute.
3. Rinse it off with water. Follow with normal skin care procedure like applying toner and milk lotion.
4. Use 2 – 3 times a week according to the condition of the skin.

As you can see below, some white stuff can be seen when massaging it for a minute. Are those really my dead skin cells? Hmmm... I actually don't think that those are my dead skin cells. It feels like that its the product itself. Some peeling gels contains "white flakes" within their formulations so these clumps ball up upon contact with rubbing on the skin, this is probably one of those products which are in the market.

My opinion
I have been using this product for 4 months and I don't see/feel any big differences after using it. This product does has its positive points. This exfoliator is gentle on the face, it's not harsh at all and I love the apple scent when using this peeling gel. However, my skin always feels a bit dry after washing this product off. Even though the low price and the great and cute packaging, I wouldn't purchase this product again. I think that the Cure Natural Aqua Gel is way better.

See below for a better view of the product
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