05 September 2011

How to back up your blogposts at Blogger?

This is probably going to be a boring blogpost to people who don't use Blogger. Just skip this if you're not interested :). To people who do use Blogger I would like to advice you all to back up your blogposts. You never know what will happen with it. Maybe you will get h*cked (touch wood) or something will go wrong with your account (touch wood) or Blogspot. Everything can happen so it's always good to back up your blogposts... I have over 100 blogposts and I would really cry if it would all be gone all of a sudden. Some bloggers put a lot of effort and time writing a post. Some posts even takes hours to finish.

I will explain how to back up your Blogger blogposts today and it will online take a few minutes.
Step 1: Go to your dashboard and click on Settings. I'm still using the old Blogger interface btw.
Step 2: Click on Export Blog.

Step 3: Download blog and you will see a small pop up.
Step 4: Save the xml file into your computer and also on your external hard drive or on an USB. And you're done :) easy right?


  1. Haha handig! Thanks teach ;) xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2.  You're welcome :) i know that a lot of people forget to back up their posts.. so it's good to know this

  3. awesome! Cool! Great idea :D

  4. Bedankt voor de tip, dit trukje kende ik nog niet. Ik gebruik een special programma "Blogger Backup Utility" om mijn posts te bewaren ^^


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