Golden Angel Wing Ring From

I recently bought a golden angel wing ring on It looks so cute on the picture ^^.

Price & Where to buy?
I bought it from Ebay seller: lotusmind369 for $1.49 including free shipping. They shipped within a week! (See picture on the left) This is how it looks like on Ebay. There are two colors: gold and silver. I always prefer gold than silver, it somehow suits me better xD.

The ring from wing to wing is 2.1 cm. On Ebay it's said that it's adjustable but it's NOT! Material: Alloy. Inside diameter is 16.0 mm. which is size 5,24 in the US/Canada. It's quite large for me, so I'm wearing it on my index finger.

The ring that I received does looks similar to the picture above, but some weird thing was added on the ring. It's probably a manufacturing fault? Unfortunately, it can't be removed T___T", I messaged the seller and that person replied me on the same day (FAST REPLY!) with the message that she was willing to send me a refund. What an awesome service it is. I haven't met such a great seller at Ebay before, really xD!
This is how it looks like from the front and back. UPDATE: The ring does rust of course, but you must try to keep it away from water or sweat, otherwise it will rust extremely fast. 

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