05 May 2011

Review: Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion - Syrup

Have you ever heard of the brand Jelly Pong Pong? I purchased this item at an online store Zalando a while back. Once I saw the packaging I was sold ='D. It's so pretty and it makes me think of Dolly Wink cause it has the same colors xD. The lip cushion has three shades: Crush (purple), Syrup (orange) and Cerise (red). I got the shade, syrup.
I have to say, this product is quite expensive. They are selling it for €8,45 at Zalando (Poids net wt. 6g / 0.21 oz). 

It has a light pink & black packaging and there is a butterfly at the top. I love the small details on the packaging ^___^. There is also a short description on it: "Cushion-soft gloss, made with evening primrose oil, beeswax & aloe vera to heal lips & improve suppleness." Apply it on lips for a sheer, translucent tint & to moisturize chapped skin. It is clearly stated on their packaging that it's not tested on animals.
The lip cushion itself has a golden cap. You only need to twist the cap to get the product out.

Texture & Scent/Taste
The texture makes me think of a lip gloss, which is a bit sticky. It tastes/smells like syrup and it's sweet, you really would lick it right off your lips cause the taste/scent is so nice. However, some people might think that the scent is overwhelming. I don't recommend you to buy this if you don't like the scent of syrup that much. This lip cushion isn't pigmented, so you won't see an orange color on your lips. It's not as glossy as a lip gloss. You will just get a sheer, translucent tint which looks healthy and moisturized.
The lip cushion also promises to heal chapped lips. I don´t have chapped lips at the moment, so I can´t give my opinion about that. I need to try this during the cold days xD, but it does makes my lips moisturized for a couple of hours (aprox. 3 hours).

- Very nice scent of syrup
- It's moisturizing
- Very cute packaging
- Gives you an healthy, sheer, translucent tint.
- Easy to apply

- A bit sticky
- Pricey
- Not that hygienic cause you usually will apply it with your finger

My opinion
Overall, I think it's a good product. I especially like the cute packaging and the lovely syrup scent of the product. I just want to lick the product off all the time since it's so nice haha. Besides, it's also making my lips moisturized and soft ♥. However, I don't think I will purchase this again, since it's way too expensive for a lip cushion, it's not worth the money =/. Vaseline lip balms will give you the same effect and is way cheaper.

This product is sponsored by Zalando, read the disclaimer for more information.


  1. Mag ik het doosje hebben :D ?

  2. @Mei, haha hij is leuk he =P was helemaal verliefd op de verpakking xD

  3. leuk doosje zeg!:D
    maar hij is wel erg duur

  4. Mm zoveel geld voor een leuke verpakking :O

    Maar hij klinkt wel fijn, niet top, maar fijn. :)

  5. @Ice Pandora Nee ik wil 'em! :(

    Eeeelisaaaaa *kijkt je poeslief aan* ^^

  6. @Yak man, ja klopt, vind 'm zelf ook prijzig maar wel cuteee :D

  7. @Sam, hmm heel vaak zo toch? dat het vooral om de verpakking gaat :p hihi

  8. @Suzy & ice pandora.. lalalala.. ff verstoppen =X

  9. I've seen this on a few blogs and really like how it sounds/looks, but I don't think it's available for those of us in the US. I haven't seen this brand here before :)

  10. @Rinny, hmmm the product is from london, so they probably will sell it in the uk. But don't know if they sell it in the us >.<" you can try to check it on their website.

  11. never heard of it before, but I looove the packaging! totally cute xD~~~ where can I find this in Asia?

  12. @Lina kim. Not sure whether you can find it in asia =/


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