31 May 2011

I ♥ Social Media!

Social media has become so important to lots of people now-a-days, including me. How many time do YOU spend on facebook, twitter or reading blogs? Once I'm awake, I usually will look at my blackberry to check my e-mail, messages on facebook/twitter and read the comments on my blog. Hahah, it has become my morning routine xD, sick isn't it?
I started with my Beauty blog since the beginning of 2010. Through the years I opened a Twitter account & Facebook page for my blog. I sometimes share videos and pictures there which I don't post on my blog. Also some preview pictures for blog posts and pictures that I take in my personal life will be shown there. (see above - a few twitpics) It's fun to share things that I'm seeing to my friends & blog viewers. Everybody is able to comment and discuss along with topics, that's the fun part. This year I get to know a lot of you bloggers through twitter ^___^. A lot of you are living in a different country, which is actually even more fun & interesting because the place, people and environment is so different in every country. We are all able to share pictures & information with each other, thanks to the social media. Besides, I'm happy that we all can get along because we all have the same likings e.g. beauty products. I'm so happy to chat with you guys and get to know y'll a bit better through social media ^^! I ♥ it!


People who would like to chat with me or who would like to ask me things. You can add me on twitter and/or facebook by clicking on the logo's above :). P.s. I don't use formspring, because twitter and facebook are way better ♥.


  1. Als mn computer aan staat check ik alles de hele dag door, hihi!

  2. @Sam, haha, addicted !!! :P

  3. as much as i found social media to be convenient and handy for daily convos, i really don't get the hype regarding twitter =_= MSN is much better imo, haha

  4. twitter is more like sharing where you are, sharing pictures and leave tweets like what you're thinking at that moment etc. I only use msn to chat with friends actually. You can't have a good and long convos on twitter cause you can only type a couple of words per tweet xD

  5. wanneer ik wakker word is het eerste wat ik kyk twitter ja hihi ♥

  6. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! I have the saaaame morning routine xD I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  7. haha guess what...i only had facebook for less than 2 years!! ^^ and im 17 ^^ and i only got a blog recently ^^ really though i dont understand twitter/anything else either! haha yeah its nice ot get a surprise message in the morning! cause im not one of those people who has a cellphone either andw akes up to a text msg lol ^^

  8. @hihihi, i didn't understand twitter at the beginning as well.. but after using it for awhile i got used to it xD haha..

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