04 April 2011

The winner of the birdcage necklace giveaway is .......

Thank you all for joining this giveaway =D. In total there were 53 people who participated in the small giveaway where you could win a cute birdcage necklace ^__^! Random.org helped me to pick a winner and the winner of the necklace giveaway is ...............??!!! *taratarataratara* (lol this supposed to be the sound of drumrolls.)

Congratulations Yak Man ^___^!

I will mail you within two days and to people who didn't win, don't feel sad ♥. A few people asked me where I bought this necklace.. and here is my answer: I bought this cute necklace at PRIMARK ^_^ hihi. So people in Holland can buy it there if you want to ;). I'm not sure if they sell this in other countries though, but you can take a look =0.

Don't worry everybody, I will be having a giveaway soon again ^___^~! Take care and have a nice day ;).


  1. -stampvoetend- helemaal vergeten D:!!
    Anyway concratulations to Yak Man xxx

  2. oeeeh leuk voor je Yak Man!!! :D Gefeliciteerd!

  3. Congratulations Yak Man! Have fun with your prize :D

  4. o my gaay ;o. Yaaay *Q*, this made my day haha ^^

  5. @yak man, heb je al gemailed ;)

  6. @ice pandora, hihi you can join next time ;)

  7. will ship it tomorrow yak man ;)

  8. oeeeh leuk voor je Yak Man!!! :D Gefeliciteerd!


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