14 April 2011

Catrice swatches - Bye Bye Birdy & Apropos Apricot

I bought another two nail polishes of Catrice (Ultimate Nail Lacquer), which is a German brand. I actually bought these together with the other 2 nail polishes which I posted a few days ago: ..... Yes yes yes, another two pastel colors haha ♥ cause i'm loving it!

#520 Apropos Apricot
I'm loving this apricot color ='D cause it's great for the summer ^__^!

#510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
It's a light yellow nail polish and it's lighter than the #010 Don't feed the birds which I posted a few days ago. You can see the difference below. I like the light yellow nail polish more xD.
They are €2,49 each, not expensive at all for great nail polishes like these :). There is 10 ml in each bottle.

I lalalalapf the apricot color \^o^/ !!! Which color do you like more?

See more swatches here: http://www.memorable-days.net/search/label/Catrice%20nail%20polish


  1. Die abrikoos is leuker! Maar dat vooral omdat geel een apartere kleur is haha.

  2. Leuke kleurtjes, ik vind Bye Bye Birdie een stuk mooier dan Don't Feet The Birds! Al kan ik niet kiezen tussen de onderste 2 kleurtjes, vind ze allebei wel wat hebben :)

  3. @Sam, jaaaa vind die abrikoos ook erg leuk xD leuk voor de zomer :D

  4. @Marjolein, ik eerlijk gezegt ook.. eerst vond ik don't feed the birds wel mooi =D maar byebyebirdy is toch mooier xD i like pastel colors !!

  5. The Apricot is really cute - not really into pastels but this shade is pretty and creamy looking!

  6. I totally prefer Don't Feed The Birds. If you're going to go yellow, go all out!

  7. Wat een leuke kleurtjes zeg!

  8. Die abrikoos is leuker! Maar dat vooral omdat geel een apartere kleur is haha.


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