Catrice swatches - Bye Bye Birdy & Apropos Apricot

I bought another two nail polishes of Catrice (Ultimate Nail Lacquer), which is a German brand. I actually bought these together with the other 2 nail polishes which I posted a few days ago: ..... Yes yes yes, another two pastel colors haha ♥ cause i'm loving it!

#520 Apropos Apricot
I'm loving this apricot color ='D cause it's great for the summer ^__^!

#510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
It's a light yellow nail polish and it's lighter than the #010 Don't feed the birds which I posted a few days ago. You can see the difference below. I like the light yellow nail polish more xD.
They are €2,49 each, not expensive at all for great nail polishes like these :). There is 10 ml in each bottle.

I lalalalapf the apricot color \^o^/ !!! Which color do you like more?

See more swatches here:

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