29 March 2011

TALLY WEiJL Spring Accessories 2011 - Haul

I got mailed by TALLY WEiJL again ^____^! They wanted to sponsor me a few items of their Spring Collection 2011 and I could even go to the nearest TALLY WEiJL store to choose a few products that I wanted. I was thrilled to go to the TALLY WEiJL store to check it out. Before I went there I already saw lots of cute items on their website that I wanted ^o^. OEH YEAH~ Check it out~!!
This is what I picked:
Tights: 40 den with grey polka dots - €6.95
Legging: 40 den with ribbon print - €6.95
Polka dot bracelet - €5.95
Floral bracelet - €5.95
Brown belt - €5.95


I love the polka dot combination, it looks classy & cute together! The floral bracelet is a bit vintage style :). Which one do you like more?

Brown belt
Don't you think that it's hard to find a simple brown belt now-a-days? I'm loving this belt, since it's of good quality, easy to match and it fits me well :).
Leggings & Tights
I'm wearing leggings EVERY DAY since it's very comfortable and its good looking, so you can guess that I have heaps of leggings at home hihi ^__^! I have lots of black leggings but also colorful ones and I especially like the ones with a print on it. I just had to add the ribbon legging to my collection =p. Tights are fun to wear as well and you can easily match it with clothes. I wanted to buy this polka dot tights for a long long time and I finally got it~! YAYY xD!!

Do you like to wear leggings/tights ?

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