Review: Garnier UltraLift Pro-x Double Action Eye Care

Remember my fail product of last time: The Garnier caffeine anti dark circle eye roller. I've got another fail product today, which is the Garnier UltraLift Pro-x Double action eye care. I've been using this for a couple of months to try it out.

What does it promise and main ingredients.
- Pro-xylane from beech tree: with this ingredient it will lift your upper eyes
- Diuretic extract from Indian chestnuts: this ingredient deflates your under eye puffiness.

I forgot the exact price, but I thought that it was around €12.- at a Dutch drugstore. I bought it during sale and got it for €6.-. There is only 5 ml in each tube, so in total 10 ml. That's not much and it's heaps expensive for such a small amount =.=" *sigh..

It has a red and white packaging. It's a stick with two ends - two tubes. The first one is the white one which is the anti-wrinkle creme. The second tube, the red one is a refreshing anti-bags/dark circles creme. I really don't like this packaging, you have to twist it off the middle/empty part first and get the product out by squeezing the tube. I often squeeze too much product out than I need which is a pity .__.
Color, Scent and Texture
The anti-wrinkle creme is a thin creme, is white and it smells like a hand creme. The anti-dark circles creme is a transparent gel and it doesn't have a scent.

My opinion
Repurchase? NO WAY!
I don't like the packaging and this product is way too pricey, i won't even buy it for €3.- =.=". I can't really give my opinion about the anti-wrinkle creme, since i don't have wrinkles yet. I like the cooling and refreshing effect of the anti-dark circles creme, but it didn't help much for my eye bags, so uhh.. this product sucks -.-

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