Review: Garnier Caffeine Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller

This is one of my FAIL products of February 2011. It's the Garnier caffeine anti dark circle eye roller. I was at a Dutch drugstore and I actually wanted to buy the anti puff eye roller of Garnier (the original/green one). However I thought it was out of the assortment or something because it wasn't at the Garnier shelf. Therefore I decided to buy this eye roller. (FYI it's not out of the assortment, it was just sold out that day.) I was in a hurry and didn't see that it was a concealer as well.. argh stupid me =/.. Since I couldn't return the product, I decided to give this product a try.

What does it promise?
The caffeine gel formula is supposed to energize and stimulate micro circulation. The formula has lemon essences to brighten your eye area and mineral pigments to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. Instantly after applying, your dark circles will be corrected, your eyes will feel refreshed and shadows appear diminished. Your eyes should look brighter after one week.

This stick is quite expensive! The price is around €15.- for 15 ml. I bought this product when there was 50% off.

It comes in a golden/yellowish stick with a white cap. There is a metal ball in it that dispenses product as you glide it on your skin. The concealer makes the cap very dirty >.<". It's important how you put this stick after usage. You have to keep this stick straight otherwise you will get too much concealer on your roller. You will notice that when you open the cap the next time. That's the main reason why your cap will get dirty =/. 

Color / swatch
This roller comes in two shades. One is for a light skin and the other one is for a dark skin. I bought the roller for a light skin of course. My face is a bit pale and this concealer is kinda yellow o__O" and it doesn't really matches my skin tone.

Texture and scent
It feels nice and cooling when you apply it. I actually want to put on more than I probably should cause the cooling effect is so nice. However I think that 1-2 roles are enough to conceal your dark circles. The texture of the concealer is quite liquid-y and the coverage is light. This roller doesn't have a scent.

My opinion
Repurchase? NO
I like the cooling and refreshing effect but I don't like the concealer cause it doesn't matches my skin tone. I doubt that this colour would work on everyone =/. Also the packaging sucks a bit. I often forget to keep this stick straight, so the stick will get all dirty when I use it again. Besides, if you really have heavy dark circles this won't be a good product for you. Your eyes will only look brighter because of the concealer =.=", like what any other concealer does.

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