23 February 2011

Review: CURE Natural Aqua Gel [Part 2/2]

I'm posting about this product again cause CURE is just awesome and I want to prove it to you guys xD. Have you missed the review about this product that I wrote? Read it here: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/02/review-cure-natural-aqua-gel.html.

A friend of mine and Tasja asked me if there will be any white clotting if I put some CURE Natural Aqua Gel on a mirror or board. It's possible that those white stuff/clotting aren't dead skin cells, but the product itself which is dried up. To answer this question I wanted to try it on a glass table myself. So I had put some CURE Natural Aqua Gel on a table and this is the result- see my boring HD video and the pictures below. My camera ain't that great for videos =(.

I did this for 5 minutes but nothing happened \^o^/. So I believe that you're really removing your dead skin cells when you put the Cure aqua gel on your skin.
Disclaimer: This product is bought by my sis. I have not been paid or influenced to write this review and I am not an affiliate of this product. This is my personal experience with the product.
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