13 February 2011

Konapun - is it edible?

Konapun is a popular toy in Japan where you go through all the cooking steps to make small replica food items. Most of them aren't edible. With each toy set you can make different kinds of food like cakes, chicken nuggets, sushi etc. The kit comes with the ingredients and tools like tiny mixing bowls, a freezer, a stove, an oven and spoons. This was already sold in the market since 2006 till 2009. It seems that it's out of the market already. However, you can still buy it on ebay :).  
Picture found through google search

I've seen these toy sets in Shanghai before where they sell Japanese products, but I never bought it. Such a pity cause when I'm looking at these videos I really want to make it as well ='D! Kona means powder and the main ingredient is powdered sodium alginate which is a fiber contained in seaweed. The fake food will rotten after a while. See RRCherrypie' videos below, it's just awesome to watch these videos and it's so cute, makes me think of cooking mama haha!! Look at those fish eggs o_o"! It says that the sushi's are edible - it's grape flavored jello, gummy candy and soft candy.

What do you think of Konapun? Would you buy it ^__^?
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  1. AHHH! So cuuuute!
    So it's actually sort of... candy? But in sushi shape.
    Too bad it will rot away... You should totally bought some kit when you were in ShangHai!


  2. Can you eat those ice cream cones? It looks so edible.......
    Man die meid heeft geduld! En ze morst niet eens! Haha xx~

  3. @Mei, dit leek me ook echt iets voor jou =P want je houd ook om die klei dingetjes te maken die je in de oven moest zetten (naam opeens vergeten)~. Jup de sushi is van snoep gemaakt, die ijs van chocola (weet niet of deze eetbaar is xD). Maar de frietjes en burgers niet.

  4. Hahahaha wat gaaf! Dit lijkt me heel grappig om te doen xD

    Die fish eggs waren ook grappig, met zo'n dropper in van dat blauwe spul en dan met de frituurlepel eruit halen hahaha geweldig!

  5. I didn't realise that it would decay! Good thing I didn't get any! I kept getting tempted by the display in Toys R Us in Shanghai, but luckily the high price kept putting me off.

    For that kind of price I mean it's cute, but you might as well make the real thing!

  6. Reply to jian and Suzy,

    @Jian, how expensive is this? I don't really know what the prize was of this..

    @Suzy, jaaa, vind die fish eggs ook super gaaf =P

  7. fucking weird *-* en ik heb heel veel japanse rare dingen gezien geloof me xD
    maar dat laatste filmpje! het bubbelt zelfs en "frituurt" en wow..

    wel heel grappig en schattig xD
    ik heb er zelf alleen het geduld absoluut niet voor..en ik zou het willen eten.. so I want the real deal :D

  8. ooo this is so cute! =D maybe i will try konapun! ^^

  9. It looks so fun to play with, it sucks that it will rot over time :(
    I love all of them! xxx

  10. I saw these videos before somewhere on YouTube after one blogger posted about these toys! I really wanted to get one but not all of them are edible :( I wish they were all edible! They would make cute gifts to significant others XD

  11. it's weirdly fascinating to watch :)

  12. Wajoohh, dit is helemaal the booomb XD!!!

  13. Reply to tasja, michelle, jasmine and jolanda

    @tasja, hahaha jaa ik denk wel dat ik dit zou doen als ik echt niks te doen had =p is best wel leuk hoor xD hahaha vind ook cool dat het echt frituurd

    @Michelle, yeah most of them aren't edible >.<" too bad.. but i think it will taste chemical lol =p

    @Jasmine, yeah. i think so too =)

    @Jolanda, whauhaha jajajaj =p wil je ook he xD?

  14. Wat een grappig idee x']
    Gezond zal het wel niet zijn :P

  15. I WOULD DEF BUY IT !!!!!!
    I love minature food and the thought of making some seems awesomeeeee ;O ! I wantt ><

  16. wowow they would be so fun to make! Downside is I'll get hungry and be disappointed. Hmmm the rotten part is a put off because those pretty toy will not last forever. Still buy it though :) hehehe ebay here i come!

  17. what the...these are so cute ^_^! ahah it's too bad you can't eat anything ^^ the rice and fish eggs look so real! oh japan...the home of the coolest random stuff ever~

    I don't think I'd ever actually buy it but that was seriously one of the most strangely entertaining videos I've watched xD

  18. Reply to Melody, tam and elle

    @Melody yesss but unfortunately it isn't all edible =( ! but it def looks CUTE !!! *_*

    @Tam, whuahaha, you're really going to buy it? THey seem to be quite expensive, with that money you can make the real ones =P lol which are edible xD

    @Elle, I LOVE those fish eggs ! It looks so cool xD !! yeah, really want to go to/ japan sometime 0:) place to be with all the cool stuff !! xD


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