07 February 2011

Dream High OST

If you followed me through twitter, you know that I'm totally obsessed with Kdrama, Dream High at the moment. I've watched 9 episodes in 2 days, it's just so addictive =D! I couldn't stop watching it after episode 1 lol. Thanks to Suzy for recommending this drama to me ^__^! Can't wait till episode 10 is out, too bad that this drama only has 16 episodes~
Source: picture found on google images, music found at starones.wordpress.com.

In this blogpost I will share some songs of the Dream High OST, it isn't the whole OST cause the official OST isn't out yet ;) Only 6 OST songs are out at the moment, so I would like to share those with you =).

It's about six students at Kirin Art High School who wants to become stars. You will see lots of dancing and singing (Click1,Click2) ^_^! Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, Su Ji from kpop group Miss A, Ham Eun Jung from T-ara and IU are in this drama! Really worth watching :).

If you haven't started with this drama yet. Go watch the first episode on youtube with English subtitles ^__^ and let me know what you think about it! :


  1. ryc: i was having an exchange in Europe (denmark to be exact) and i toured around Europe and Netherlands was one of the stops we made <3

    have you traveled to other EU countries so far :)? I miss my time in EU so badly!

  2. OEWH. Een soort van Japanse(?) Glee hehe xD

  3. @Sam, hmmm.. Koreaanse Glee? nja kind of =P haha ze zingen iig erg mooi =D

  4. ♥♥♥♥ :D

    Heb je het nieuwe liedje van Junsu voor Dream High al gehoord? Don't Go heet ie! Echt super!!!

    En heb het al vaker gezegd, maar moet deze show toch echt es gaan kijken.

  5. @Naomi, juppp die heb ik net gehoord xD zag 't al op alkpop hahah ='D jaaa je moet 't echt zien hoor!! als je de nummers al leuk vind, vind je de serie helemaal geweldig xD

  6. i started watching this drama the other day, it's okay so far! as soon as I saw the back of Kim Hyun Joong i knew it was him!! ^__^

  7. @panda girl, really? hahah, i didn't recognize him at first xD!!

    @kristina, you're welcome =)

  8. I've started watching it and I absolutely love it :) Watching episode 9 now ~ ^^

  9. @fionaa yayyy =D another dream high lover ^^ !! episode 11 is out today ='D


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