06 February 2011

Hello Kitty Stamping Plate from Bornprettystore

Hi followers ^_^ remember my post about the free hello kitty stamping plate and rhinestones from the Bornprettystore? If you haven't read it, read it here: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/01/free-hello-kitty-nailart-stamping-plate.html. The products aren't sponsored, everybody can order this for free on their website.

Can you remember that I was wondering if it was for real or not in my previous post? Well, as you can see it really arrived *dances* \^o^/! It took around 9 days till it was here. I received the stamping plate first cause I ordered the rhinestones a bit later.

There is a small sticker on the packaging with a  5% off couponcode and a card from their store: Bornprettystore.

This is plate M71. Don't forget to pull the plastic off before you use the stamping plate!

A small close up of the hello kitty head, as you can see, the head isn't completely round >.<" which is a pity. I haven't used it yet, but I hope that it will look better when I apply it.

I hope that your stamping plate will arrive soon ;). I don't know if this give away has ended, but you can give it a try. So if you want this FREE hello kitty stamping plate as well go to my previous post for more information :). And of course thank you Bornprettystore for the stamping plate ^___^!


  1. I did not recieve anything yet.

  2. Ziet er heel goed uit ^^ en ben benieuwd hoe het op de nagels eruitziet :D

    Ik ga eens kijken of ze die nog steeds weggeven.. ook al ben ik iets te lui om helemaal mn adres in te vullen enz haha

  3. @Franca, hij komt vast nog wel in je brievenbus ;) ze zijn momenteel op vakantie (chinees nieuwjaar) dus misschien duurt het iets langer voordat je het hebt.

    @Tasja, k ga 'm volgende week ff uitprobere =D! en gewoon doen joh ^^ kost toch geen geld =P

  4. Supergaaf! Ben benieuwd naar je toekomstige creaties :)

  5. Ahh ziet er leuk uit!
    Ik heb nu nog steeds mijn kortingscode voor de rhinestones niet!!

  6. Ooh nice! I hope I receive mine some time soon ^^" But I didn't get an email back when I tried to order the rhinestones :/ Should I email them again?

    I hope you do a tutorial with these because I want to see how they'll look like on your nails and how to use the stamping plate because I've never used one before~

  7. Reply to Charlotte, sam and Jennifer;

    @Charlotte, yay^^ zal 'm volgende week ff uitprobere :)

    @Sam, ze zijn op vakantie, ze beantwoorden na 9 februari staat er op hun site ;)

    @Jennifer, just wait^^ cause they are celebrating chinese new year atm, they will email you after 9th of february (that's what it says on their website). When they don't reply you next week, try to mail them again ^_^ Yesss, i will do some tutorials with the stamping plate soon ~ you do need to have a stamping kit to apply it ^^ hope you have that ;)

  8. i love these stamping plates! they make my life so much easier! haha..


  9. ahhh I am so excited to get mine! I haven't received mine yet ><

  10. @elle, think that you will receive it soon =) or after 9th of february ;) (after the holiday)

  11. @elle, think that you will receive it soon =) or after 9th of february ;) (after the holiday)


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