21 January 2011

Review: Garnier Essentials cleansing milk & toner

Remember my Garnier skincare routine? : http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/01/garnier-skincare-routine.html. I bought these because of my dry skin during the winter. I have been using these products for almost 5 months now. Today I will be reviewing two products: the Garnier Essentials cleansing milk and the toner. Garnier has a product line called Essentials in Holland, in some countries it's called Clean & soft or Soft Essentials. This pink line is especially for people with dry and sensitive skin.

What does it promise & what are their characteristics?
♥ Garnier Essentials cleansing milk: It gently removes the makeup on your face with cleansing micro-dispersed oils and it has an essence of roses. Your face will be clean and soft after usage.
♥ Garnier Essentials toner: This toner is ideal as a daily way to hydrate and soften the dry and sensitive skin for a beautiful complexion that looks fresh and radiant. Every day, the rose water and pro vitamin B5 enriched formula removes any remaining impurities whilst respecting delicate skin. Besides, it is alcohol free.

Color and Scent
Both products have a nice scent of roses ^_^! The milk is white and the toner is transparent (duhuh!) =p.

Price & amount
The cleansing milk and toner are €4,99 each- 200 ml cleansing milk and 200 ml toner.

My opinion
♥ Cleansing milk: I really like the scent of both of the products. The cleansing milk does removes my make up although I have to rub it off a little bit. However, my skin did feel soft after usage ^_^.
♥ Toner: It's a very soothing toner. It removes the excess make up and dirt on my face that I missed when cleansing with the cleansing milk. My skin feels refreshed and soft after applying this toner. However I prefer a more hydrated one, since my cheeks are very dry =[.

♥ Repurchase?
Yes, I would repurchase the cleansing milk again, but not the toner. I would buy a different toner which is more hydrated, but I will definitely miss the nice scent of these products :).


  1. i only tried Garnier skincare in sample size but they're pretty good. thanks for the review.

  2. thanks for the review! i'm not sure if they have in my area o.O, i've never seen the pink line before =O

  3. aww the pink is so cute! good to hear it actually works!

  4. It would be good if they used natural and organic ingredients. This is generally a lot kinder to skin and the environment.

  5. @Skin blossom, agrees.. it would be a lot better =/


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