17 January 2011

Love Buffet 愛似百匯

Some of you might know that I'm a huge drama addict ^o^. I've been watching at a new Taiwanese drama lately called Love buffet (愛似百匯). It's based on the original comic "Parfait tic" which is created by Nagamu Nanaji. Episode 5 was out yesterday ^_^!

When I started this drama I was also curious about the manga, so I started to read that as well. Some parts are exactly the same as in the manga, but they also left a lot of things out. It's quite funny to see things which are similar =D just like this part in episode 2:
The main characters in this serie are Yu Hong Yuan (she also played in the drama Hot Shot) and the two boys from Fahrenheit; Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen. Yu Hong Yuan looks so different in this picture o_o, I can't even recognize her.
Anyways, it's another teenage love story, this serie is quite addictive and recommended ^_^! You can watch this serie at sugoideas.com and it's including ENGLISH subtitles: http://sugoideas.com/drama-2010/love-buffet/ They are very fast with uploading, so go check it out on that site ^o^!

(pictures from: love buffet fb page and their blog)
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