Earn "money" with your blogposts!

You may have seen or heard this on other blogs before because many Youtube users had been talking about this website since September 2010. And what's so WOW about it?; well like the title of this blogpost says; You can earn "money" with your blogposts!
How? By signing in for free on this website: LUUUX.
What is it? It is a community where you add information on the latest trends and cutting edge ideas which you can share with your friends. I actually see it as a blogging site that rewards you points (Luuux money) for everything you do on that website.
And how do you earn points? You earn points every time you add a post, comment or rate a content. The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux money you earn. The more Luuux money you have, the more things you can buy.

Source: LUUUX
You can exchange the points to get awesome prizes like an Ipad, Ipods, Canon camera's, UGGS and LV bags and so on. However, you do need LOTS and LOTS of points to get these prizes. For example for an Ipad you need 47,940 Luuux points, an Ipod nano 9,540 points. I don't have enough points yet to purchase anything, but I saw that a sigma brush set was only 5,580 Luuux points and I'm saving points for that brush set right now. I have around 880 points in 3 days by spending an hour per day on this website, which is quite fast I think. Hmmm.. I really want to know if it isn't a scam, so I'm just giving this website a try :).

Would you like to join? Click on the button below to sign up and earn LUUUX money with your posts ^_^:
I typed LUUUX on Google and found these videos. In the first video you will see a Youtube guru; hollyannaeree which exchanged her points for a LV bag and an Ipad. In the second video you will see a guy from Lookbook, who exchanged it for Sigma brushes...

My opinion about LUUUX
This website is quite awesome if it isn't a scam, it sounds too good to be true right? Besides it's quite easy, all you have to do is drop your blogpost there, it's quite addictive to read other posts (you won't only read beautyposts, but also posts about fashion and food, technology et cetera), and the coolest part is that you can exchange the points for awesome prizes ^__^".

Like I said before, I've been on this website for a few days just to check and to try it out and I'm posting my blogpost there as well. However, I'm not sure if all of those people on LUUUX who are dropping comments on my posts really are reading my text. It's like they only drop comments like "oeh nice or ah cute" because they want to get points =/, that's sad...

And another downside about it is that some people will steal content/pictures of other sites without putting the source in the post, just to earn points, while bloggers like us, use loads of time to type a blogpost. Although there is a rule on LUUUX that it's not aloud to do that, members are still doing it. LUUUX workers are just not fast enough to ban those users or flag these posts.

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