07 December 2010

YESSTYLE: Asian Fashion & Beauty Products

I only know a few online shops in Holland which are selling Asian clothing and usually their assortment isn't that large. But do you know the online store Yesstyle.com? I've noticed that more and more people like to follow the Asian Fashion trend. That's why I wanted to share this site with you.

One of my favorite brand is 59 Seconds. All clothes of this brand are so cute ^.^ (look at the pictures below) And one big pro is that the clothes are affordable as well =D. Btw. there is 20-50% off at the moment, so go to their website to take a look and order: http://www.yesstyle.com
Besides Asian fashion, Asian beauty products are becoming more and more popular as well. Most of the people who are familiar with this website know that they are selling clothing for women and men, but did you know that they are selling jewelry, asian beauty and skincare products, circle lenses and kids' fashion as well? They have such a large assortment! I didn't know that their assortment was that large o_o"!

Asian Beauty Products
They are selling products of many brands: European brands as well as Asian brands, like Laneíge, My Beauty Diary, Etude House, Gatsby and Shiseido. There is 5%-50% discount on beauty products at the moment. The skincare line of the South-Korean brand Laneíge is the bestseller at Yesstyle. I've never tried products of this brand before, so I'm quite curious if it really is good =D. Click on the banner to see their whole Laneíge assortment:
Laneíge is using pure glacial water flowing from the Himalayas as its key ingredient. Most of their products seems to be very moisturizing. Check out this Chinese commercial:

Have you ever bought anything from Yesstyle before? What did you buy?


  1. Loove yesstyle!
    Bought a few things ^^
    Maar soms twijfel ik over de kwaliteit van de kleding/schoenen...

  2. Yup yup i like yesstyle too! wahha ik koop kleren daar XD but moeten jullie ook belasting betalen? -_-''

  3. Loving the style as well ^^ !! Love it how big their assortment is <3 uhh.. belasting ben ik vergeten o_O is weer tijdje terug dat ik iets had gehaald. verzendkosten is 16$, maar of er belasting erover heen ging weet ik niet meer =/

  4. I love looking at their website but I don't think I'll ever buy from them cuz I know that they charge 2-3 times more expensive on clothes verses if you buy them from an Asian website... but then again those Asian websites don't ship internationally O_O but I read from a blog saying that yesstyle charges a lot of fees though @@

  5. @Frances, The shipping costs are quite high indeed, for ppl in the netherlands they charge around USD $16 o_o"! They charge around USD$10 shipping costs in the US, if you order below $150 USD. But its free when you order more than USD$150, so you could ask friends if they would like to order as well ;)

    and yess =( its 10 times cheaper if you buy it on asian sites, but like you said, they don't ship internationally and these kind of clothes are just not available here, so the only way to get it is through online shops.

  6. Yes^-^" There's a Yes Style Australia so I've bought a dress from there :) I haven't worn it out yet but I will probably tomorrow, so you'll see it in a blog post coming up :D :D :D


  8. Reply to Jae Gibbs and melody ;

    @Jae Gibbs, yes, you have to pay through paypal ;) but most of the online shops like ebay for example you need to have paypal before you can purchase products, so its normal :)

    @Melody, yayy =D curious how it looks like =D!

  9. I don´t knew!

    Thanks for tip!

    Pink Kisses♥

  10. I have seen the sight, but never ordered anything. Those sweaters are super cute!

  11. En het antwoord over verzendkosten brieven: alles buiten Europa moet je zegels kopen van €4,75 (onder 20gram) alles boven de 20gram = 2x zegel €4,75 :) - binnen Europ = €3,85

  12. @mei, hmmm, je bent wel al snel 10tje kwijt aan alleen verzendkosten dus =/ hmmm.. mja thanks for reply lar ^^

  13. i love the style too but yes asia clothes are expensive.. and is it refundable if u dont like the clothes. they have yes asia store in stonestown san francisco .. can you return the items there? or you don't know

    i love ur blog
    let's follow each other's blog

    my blog is


  14. @Tutti Patuti, thank you ^^ and sure =) lets follow eachother =D .. jup, you can return/exchange your products at yesstyle, read it here: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/returns/help/section.html/hsi.736

  15. Aaaa!! Wat een leuke blog! Kawaii =*_*= I am a follower now
    Ik kan mezelf een trotse eigenaar van de japanse tijdschrift Sweet noemen, ik ben zelf niet de type voor zo'n stijl, maar ik vind die looks echt te schattig. En natuurlijk ben ik altijd benieuwd naar de beauty-producten die daarin staan ^^

  16. I love the styles of the clothing on Yesstyle, but after my first order, I wasn't too pleased with the quality of most of the items I bought. I think everything is pretty much hit or miss, and the sizing is ridiculously tiny, even by my petite standards >.< It's still fun to look at all the cute clothes though :)

  17. @mithin, haha yayy =D new follower haha.. ^^ ! Oehh, ja sommige dingen vind ik kinderachtig om zelf te dragen maar vind het altijd heel leuk en schattig om te zien =D en asn producten vind ik erg goed ^_^

    @rinny, too bad that the quality isn't that good =(,truee. it's not always that way, a male friend of mine is buying his clothes there quite often, but the quality is ok though.

  18. i really want to try laneige products^^ and yes i've bought several items from Yesstyle, only korean clothes and they are gorgeous!^^
    drey jewelry.

  19. The only thing i bought from Yesstyle was a pair of shoes that i wear everyday since i have it. ^^
    I find their prices too expensive than the original websites of the brands.


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