01 December 2010

Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara review

Dejavu Fiberwig; Paint-on False Lashes Extra Long - You've probably heard about this product before. Fiberwig is the top selling mascara in Japan. It's from the brand Imju. I was curious if this really worked, I had read many reviews about it. There were many positive reviews but many negative reviews about this product as well, so I didn't know whom to believe. Does it work or not? So I asked my sis if she could buy this for me while she was in Hong Kong and she could easily find it in Sasa stores there ^.^ YAY!

The brush
There are small fibers on the brush as you can see on the picture. When you put this mascara on, the fibers will stick on to your eyelashes and this should create the false lashes effect. "ahum, NOT REALLY!"

Price and Where to buy?
You can order this product at Sasa.com, Ebay and Sephora. It's around USD $15.30 at Sasa.com and around USD $24 at Sephora. It's quite expensive for a mascara, but I heard that it's less expensive on Ebay, so it's better to check it out on Ebay first before you buy it elsewhere. 

What does it promise? I will put a check mark (✔) if it does what it promise and a () if it doesn't.
[] Extra long lash look 
[] Better adherence of fiber to your lashes. 
[✔] The long brush enables perfect contact to every piece of lash
[✔] It won't smudge, it instantly transforms into adhering firm to resist sebum, cold water and sweat.
[✔] Convenient removal: It can be easily removed with warm water. No damage to lashes.
[✔] It assembles perfectly once you brush it on.
[✔] It's a light and smooth mascara and it doesn't cake, it results in a natural-looking makeup finish.

I dislike all those mascara commercials, because they are all so fake. Most of the models have fake eyelashes on in the commercials or its just edited with photoshop T_T FAKE! Watch the Imju Fiberwig commercial (Chinese):
My opinion
I have been using this mascara for 2 months now and I actually like it since day 1 :) It's hard for me to find a good mascara because of my oily lids/skin and I'm allergic to some mascara's, but not to this one.
- Pros & Cons: This mascara doesn't smudge at all, no clumps/flakes, it separates my lashes very well, it dries fast and it's very easy to remove with warm water. It lengthen my eyelashes just a little bit (maybe 2 mm) by putting 2-3 layers on, it doesn't look like false eyelashes at all, but it will give you a natural look and I like it :) It holds my curl for a half day, which is a pity =( I wish it could hold it for the whole day. The price for this product is quite high, $20-$25 for a mascara is expensive, I would buy it if it was on sale lol =p

Repurchase? YES!
My rate: 5/5

Have you used this product before? Or would you like to try it?
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