29 September 2010

I ♥ Japanese food

On the 26th of September 2010, (my birthday) I went to a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam called, Japan inn with my two bbfs. One of the dishes that we ordered was the unagi don (see picture). It looks nice but the taste of it was just normal. I was disappointed with the food quality and price. The price is way too high for what you're getting. Many friends of mine were telling me that Japan inn is one of the best in Amsterdam, but it really isn't. The quality of the food and the decoration of it was just the same as the food at an all-u-can-eat restaurant. Ah well, it's just my opinion ^_^ ~
Most of my friends know that I really like Japanese food xD. I'm trying to find the best Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam ^_^, I'm eating it at least twice a month and I even work at a Japanese restaurant for almost 3 years :3 already, sounds addicted right? 

My question to you:

What kind of cuisine do you like the most? And how often do you eat it?
Please answer in the comment section ^_^


  1. Het ziet er heerlijk uit, maar jammer dat de smaak niet zo bijzonder was :(

    Ik kwam er een paar dagen geleden achter dat er hier vlakbij een Koreaans restaurant zit! Dus dat wil ik ooit eens gaan proberen! ;)

  2. @michelle, yes it is unagi don =D, unagi on top of the rice..

    @Suzy, jaaa too bad =/, oehhh <3 koreaans is super lekker =D hoe heet 't ??

  3. Happy belated Birthday ! :)
    I loveeee Japanese food too!!! But it's really hard to find really nice tasting ones around here that aren't gonna burn a hole in your pocket ><! But still ..I just eat the takeaway ones ..and I'm fine with that :)

  4. Thank you Melody ^_^!! Take away are fine as well =D, hmmm.. here it's around 22 euros for all u can eat sushi~ a bit its cheaper over there xD

  5. Japan sounds like the place for you!! heheh. looks yum. Let me know the best Japanese in amsterdam and Ill check it out if I ever visit again (i really want to!)

  6. @Nic nic, really? You went to holland before? xD it's such a small small country haha, it surprises me that someone knows that place ='P

  7. Nice! i love japanese foods but there aren't a lot in my city, maybe 4 restaurants. =(

  8. ahwww, that´s so little =( you should come here when you have the time haha :D


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