24 July 2010

Se7en - Digital Bounce

Like what the? Se7en is back after 4-year hiatus?! I really liked all of his old albums^^. Even T.o.p. of BigBang participated in this album by featuring for one of Se7en's tracks: Digital Bounce.

However, I don´t really like this album, 5 out of 7 are dance songs, which I don´t like. The only 2 songs which I do like is I´m going crazy and money can´t buy me love.

1. Intro: Reset
2. Digital Bounce (ft. T.O.P)
3. Better together
4. I'm going crazy
5. Money can't buy me love
6. Drips
7. Roller Coaster


A MV is already released: Better together

I do like the chorus of this song though :) and he's still hot ♥ haha!


  1. YAY een kpop post! ^^

    Ik hou ook helemaal niet van dance, maar ik vind z'n album toch heel gaaf eigenlijk!

    En hij is idd nog steeds hot :D Hahaha :D

  2. hi, it's quite nice to get to know Dutch Born Chinese as I dunno many of them so far, anywayz, hope we will become friends n can share our thoughts for fashion/beauty/widom in life together... I am here to help u anytime u need a friend.

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  3. Thanks for ur sweet reply, I live in UK with my bf so I can spend his after graduation period with him =)

    BTW, where did u buy things from Catrice from? their products r so fasinating

  4. HE'S STILL HAWT idd =D ~!
    maar zn ballads zijn veeeeeel leuker vind ik =)

  5. jup, die dance songs zijn maar niks T_T


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