06 July 2010

Marble nails?

I know what marble cake is : http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/marble-cake.html but what are marble nails? It seems so "popular" now-a-days... So I searched it up and found some videos on Youtube. Check this out:

Notice: This girl' nails are way too long (and its not fake)! Its almost scary >.<"
Anywayssss,, so you have to put a bit nail polish in a glass of water and you can combine your own colors and add your own creation to it~

My opinion

I think its very creative ! It looks fun, but I think it will be such a mess if I'm going to do this, just like in the video >.<" I believe that you are going to spend a lot of money to buy nail polish removers xD cuz you will need a lot to remove the rest of the nail polish on your fingers =/.


  1. Those nails are suuuper longgg! I can't even grow mine to any length without it bothering me. lol It looks pretty cool, but yea you'd have to get a lot of nail polish remover to get the stuff off of your skin. hahah That Q-tip looks like it has been through tough times. =\ lol

  2. @Leenda,, yess >.< Those nails look IEHWWW >.<" haha way too long!!

    @Jenni, Those nails on the pictures on your blog looks nice ^_^, hmm yeah you're right I think that tape might work, but still... I think it will be quite messy xD

  3. haha I tried this and I failed :p


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