07 July 2010

G.na ft. Bi rain single

This song is so relaxing~
G.na = Gina Choi, the former leader of the Korean group: Five Girls. And now she has a duet song with Bi Rain. I never heard of the group, Five Girls~ but believe it or not; four girls of this group now belong to massively popular girl groups; Wonder Girls member Yubin, Secret’s Hyosung, T-ara’s Jiwon and After School’s UEE.

Song: What I want to do once I have a lover
Release date: 5 July 2010
Language: Korean
Year: 2010


You can also listen to it first, before you download the song :)


  1. ohh they have a good voice. I used to be such a big fan Bi heheh..

    Ohhhh I watched Netherland play Uragray today! I was supporting the Orange of course ;)

  2. This song is just so relaxing <3 Like it ^^!!
    andd yessss, Holland is so going to win the world cup !!

  3. oohh i like it!! thanks for sharing girlie :)


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