30 July 2010

Flower power

Last week I bought two skirts and I have been searching these for a while!! I finally found it ^^! I couldn't choose so I bought two colors, blue and black. I actually prefer the black one :) Which one do you like?


  1. Cute skirts. I like the blue one =)

  2. These skirts are sooo cute! I've been looking for some floral skirts, but haven't found any. I wouldn't know which color to pick either! They're both really cute. I like the black one a little bit more though. Then again I always pick black bc it matches everything. hahah

  3. I love florals, but I can never find cute skirts like these! :( I probably would've gotten both too hehe I'm to indecisive. I think I like the black better because it seems more sophisticated? I don't know how to explain it lol

  4. Oeh ik zoek al heel lang naar zulke rokjes! Waar heb je ze vandaan? Ze zijn zo leuk! <3

  5. love the floral print and i think i would wear the black one more but i do like the grey blue one :3

  6. aahw I like the black one too !!!
    cuteeee ^_^


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