31 July 2010


In Holland the number of all-you-can-eat Japanese sushi/teppanyaki restaurants are increasing with large amounts! And this time I went to Utrecht to have dinner with a friend at SushiToday.

You know how it works here? You will get a menu and each sushi/dish has their own number. Each round you can choose 4 things per person. And what makes it different here compared to other restaurants... Everything is included for just 20 euros! So you can eat as much sushi you want, drink as much as you want AND there is a dessert buffet. All included for just 20 euros o_o How AWESOME is that?!

Usually we just eat 3 rounds or something.. but this time we just had all rounds xD hahah

Do I have to say it again? Dessert buffet o_o !!!!!

My opinion:
The restaurant is so large and the atmosphere is nice :) It took a while until we got the food, but the sushi's and the hot dishes were ok. I actually had better ones, but its totally worth the price. Its just so inexpensive! And the dessert was nice ^^ haha...

Herculesplein 373a
3584 AA Utrecht
Tel. 030-2511618

P.S. Sorry for being so excited and stuff hahaha, I don´t work there and I don´t get paid because of this post.


  1. wow that looks really delicious yummy!

  2. i wish i had plenty of resturants to choose from :3 and tehe i love paranoia too, but i totally suck at it, i haven't been on it in ages though XD


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