30 June 2010

Toy Story 3 the movie

Toy Story 3 3D is out and my friends were all telling me that the movie is so much fun! So I was so curious about this movie and decided to watch it. I was quite excited since everybody told me that the movie is so great! But ok, the movie really had a story line which was good, but it was a waste of my money that I went to the 3D version (3D version is more expensive), since there were no 3d effects in it :(. But some parts were really exciting and that baby was so scary!!!!, but it wasn´t that funny as I thought it would be :( too bad! Overall, the story was ok :) And hey, Totoro was in the movie too xD!

My rate: 2.2 out of 5

I´m looking forward to this cute movie: Despicable me.

That little girl is just so so cuteeee!!!

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  1. I agree...that baby was pretty scary. I'm looking forward to that movie too!


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