01 February 2016

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016 - LOLA + LOU & Tess van Zalinge

Two weeks ago was all about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam. I have been receiving invitations for the past years and it always has been one of my favorite events. I always feel honored when I get to go to catwalks during fashion week because it is so fascinating to see collections of many designers with your own eyes. The thought behind the collections and the actual designs always blow my mind. I always love to share experiences, so in January 2016 I wanted to give this opportunity to one of the bloggers that I am following, which is Jani. She will share her experience of the Amsterdam Fashion Week with you girls today and tomorrow. Make sure to stay tuned!

As Elisa already said at the beginning of the blogpost, two weeks ago it was all about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Amsterdam. I was so excited to go, surrounded by all the Fashionista’s, Fashion Designers and Photographers it felt a little overwhelming that I could take part of it. But first let me introduce myself to you! My name is Jani, I live in the Netherlands and I blog and vlog a bit about fashion and stuff. I go by the name The Black and Grey and you can find me on janiyu.com, Instagram and Youtube, but mainly active on Instagram and there is where I got to know Elisa! We’ve been following eachother for a quite some time now and I really enjoy her feed! So I was a bit suprised she asked me to go but really happy she did! So back to MBFWA, I attended two fashionshows and the first one was by Lola + Lou and Tess van Zalinge on Friday Night.

Lola + Lou is a Dutch lingerie brand by Malou van den Broek and Tess van Zalinge founded in 2015. They shared their first collection ‘Oblivion’ here at MBFWA. Lola + Lou combines high-end and mainstream with fashion and functionality. See the beautiful collection below!

I thought that this collection was really feminine and at the same time very casual. I would definitely wear this daily and feel very sexy at the same time!

And then came Tess van Zalinge with her own and second collection ‘Geschapen Land, Landschap'. And literally I was amazed from the beginning till the end. You will see why after you’ve seen the pictures. This collection is inspired by the Dutch landscape and it reflects the pure malleability of the Dutch polder. See the amazing collection below!

This collection was really an experience. Everything was on point, the models, the look and the way they walked and the music choice, it all became one. Yes, this was really mesmerizing and beautiful. I can’t say another word about it, I guess!

Thank you Elisa for this opportunity, I really enjoyed the show! Stay tuned for the next MBFWA post: Couture Light by Monique Collignon which will be posted on Wednesday!


note: the front faced pictures are from peter stigter and the other pictures are taken by Jani.



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