30 March 2015

Aveda Cut-A-Thon Earth Month 2015

I was invited by Aveda to cut my hair for a good cause. Cut-a-Thon is organized every year by Aveda, it's their way to put Earth Month in the spotlight. In the month of April they will collect $6.5 million for worldwide water projects. Aveda Benelux works together with Justdiggit for this project. Justdiggit is an initiative of the Naga Foundation to involve the world in the battle against desertification and climate change.
This candle is sold from the 30th of March 2015 until the end of April and cost €15.-. Hundred percent of this money will be donated to the Global Greengrants Fund, a non-profit organization who supports water projects all over the world and get clean drink water for them. The drawings on the packaging are created by kids in Madagaskar. The candle has a pure flower and plant aroma, created with 100% certified organic oils of vanilla, ylang ylang and cinnamon from Madagaskar. The candle last for a good 27 hours.

First, they washed my hair with their smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner. After that, they led me to the seat to cut my hair. I didn't want a drastic change, so I only asked to make my layers more visible, put more volume at the top and to cut my split ends. For more volume the hairdresser used the Aveda volumized tonic and the Phomollient styling foam. To keep it all together, she used the Air control hair spray. And voila, this is the result (see picture below). My hair felt very light and soft afterwards, loved it! What do you think?

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