18 June 2014

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Today I'm going to review this popular toner - the Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House - one of their best sellers at the moment. Lots of beauty bloggers raved about this and in today's blogpost I'm going to share my thoughts about it, keep on reading!

It's a 7 in 1 (that's what they claim): this is a toner which will deep cleanse your pores, it prevents the enlargement of pores, it controls a large amount of sebum, it moisturizes the inside and outside of the skin, it maintains ph 4.5 - 1, refines the skin tone and keeps the elasticity of pores.

I bought it at w2beauty.com (link to product), sold for $16.60 (250ml). You can also purchase it at beautynetkorea.com, jolse.com, cosmetic-love.com, testerkorea.com and twofacemall.com. The price is around $14-$17 for a 250ml bottle, depending on where you buy it.

It's available in a sample size 25ml at beautynetkorea.com too. At some stores you can also find it in a mist bottle and a 500ml bottle. The 500ml comes with a pump so no need to put the bottle upside down all the time to get the product out. The 500ml is price wise better for the amount that you get but if you just want to try the product out, try the 25ml first. I purchased a 250ml bottle.

Do I need to say more? They packaging is awesome! It's sturdy and easy to use. I love the color combination and the message that they want to send to you is clear.

You can use this after washing your face. Soak a cotton pad with the Freshner and wipe your face from the center of your face to the outside. With gentle patting, let the skin absorb the Freshner which is left on the face. You can also carry the Freshner in a mist type container and apply onto the skin when there is too much sebum on your face or if you have a itchy feeling. Avoid contact with your eyes. It doesn't say how often it's recommended to use this, but I would recommend to use this once or twice a week.

It's 6 free: paraben free, mineral oils free, fragrance free, artificial colors free, talc free and animal origin free. However, as you can see in the ingredient list, this toner contains a high percentage of alcohol since it says alcohol denat at the first line. It's definitely not good to use this every day, once or twice a week is ok, but I wouldn't use this too often. And think twice… who wants to have alcohol every day on your face right, it's so bad!

It's a translucent toner, it's runny (like water) and has a fresh scent which isn't overwhelming and not strong at all. I love the freshness of this product. Once you apply this on your face it just wakes you up, so nice! I can imagine that it's nice to use this as a mist, especially on the hot days! I usually use this after washing my face and it does feels a bit tight when applying this on my nose area, and it stings a tiny bit too, but not drying. Yup, not drying.. which is weird since it does contain alcohol. I only use this product where I have large pores, like my T-zone, nose and chin area. I don't apply this on my whole face.

• it does minimizes the appearance of your pores
• makes pores clean
• after application, my skin doesn't feel dry
• feels very fresh on the face (great for the hot days!)
• has a fresh scent
• this toner can be used as a mist as well
• sturdy and cute packaging
• comes in different sizes and even a sample size
• one bottle will last for a long time
• affordable and you will get a lot of product

• this product contains a high amount of alcohol
• feels a bit tight on the skin/ it stings a bit too if you use this after the shower
• it controls your sebum for a short period
• not suitable for people with a very sensitive skin

I can understand why a lot of people love this product since it does minimizes the appearance of the pores. I have been using this product for around 2 months and I did see differences. Ok, not extremely huge differences, just a little but it was visible. Also, I just love love love the freshness of this product, it just wakes you up and feels great on hot days. However I don't think I would re-purchase this product since this toner does contain alcohol after all. I just prefer skincare products which doesn't contain alcohol.

Yup, if you are looking for a product which minimizes the appearance of your pores and don't mind that there is alcohol in the product. No, if you've got very sensitive skin.

disclaimer: this blogpost contains affiliate links. 

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