06 May 2014

Review: OPI - Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat

EEK!!! Meet my new holy grail nail product! This is the glitter off base coat of the well-known brand O•P•I. It normally takes me a few minutes to remove my glitter nail polish and I usually use my Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover which is also a holy grail product of mine. However,  this base coat from O•P•I takes it to another level and makes it even more easier to remove the stubborn glitters off your nails. Let me show you how…!

In The Netherlands you can purchase this at Douglas or DA for €14,25 for a 15ml bottle. Are you interested in other OPI products, check them out here:


This base coat is very easy to use. Just apply one layer on your clean nails. The base coat is white but once it's dry it will turn translucent. Just wait until it's fully translucent - this takes around 4 minutes or so. The thicker you applied it, thus the longer you need to wait until it's fully dry.

• TIP: Don't wash your hands after you applied the base coat. It doesn't matter if the base coat is still wet or not, don't wash your hands right after it since it will easily come off. Therefore I recommend to apply your nail polish right after the base coat is dry.

Apply a (glitter) nail polish on your nails. I applied a green nail polish first and a golden glittery nail polish on top of it. On top of that I applied the seche vite top coat. It's important to apply another layer of your top coat at the ends of your nails since it tends to chip fast because this base coat is peelable. If you don't do this, your nails will start to chip after a few hours. If you do apply it, it can last 2-3 days without chipping.

After 3 days I wanted to remove the nail polish and I started to peel it off. It was SOOOOOO easy to peel this off, omg!!! This only took me 1-2 seconds to peel it off. I had never tried such a product before and i'm so amazed that it was so easy. It also didn't make my nails dry or something. I do see a bit of green nail polish at the corners, but that means that i didn't apply the base coat well there, so it's important that you apply the base coat at every corner!

Would I re-purchase this? HELL YEAH! I do hope that cheaper brands will have this in their assortment soon hehehe, since this is pretty pricey.. It does takes around 4 minutes until the base coat is fully dry (that's quite long), but it's just so easy to peel the glittery nail polish off! I'm amazed o___o! HELLO NEW HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!
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