14 April 2014

Oona Amsterdam Press Day 2014

A few days ago I went to the press day (#oonawelcomedays) of PR Agency Oona Amsterdam where I was able to see the latest collections of brands like Eastpack, New Yorker, Magdalena, River Island and my favorite, Forever21! Want to check out the latest fashion items? Make sure to read today's blogpost!

I couldn't wait to check out the latest items. The new Forever21 store in Amsterdam will open this Saturday so I'm really happy that I'm one of the few who were able to check out their latest collection. I can't wait until the opening, OMG ^_^ *screams of happiness haha*! I mostly took pictures of the Fall/Winter collection of Forever21 and River Island since those were my favorites.

Thank you Oona Amsterdam for inviting me to your press day ^^! On the same day I went to another press event from a different PR agency called SimplyPR. I didn't want to make this blogpost too long so I'm writing about that tomorrow. Stay tuned! 
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