14 March 2014

Invito Shoes Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Spring is coming and lots of companies are releasing their Spring/Summer collection of 2014! Invito, a well-known shoe company in The Netherlands has released theirs as well. Check out some of their pieces in today's blogpost. Which one is your favorite?

• Nude sandals with heels - €89,99 (link to product)
• Boots with floral print - €99,99 (link to product)
• Black heel sandals - €79,99 (link to product)
• Espadrilles with aztec print - €49,99 (link to product)
• Nude heels - €79,99 (link to product)
• Nude sandals - €69,99 (not sold online)

I always prefer black and nude colored shoes for Spring. Those colors are always easy to match with pieces in my wardrobe ^^. The prices in this collection are between € 49,99 to € 119,99 (I gotta say.. it's pretty expensive >.<" but their boots are of pretty good quality). Besides sandals, they have a lot of cut out boots in their collection which I'm in love with. If you would like to see the whole collection, you can visit www.invito.com.


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