19 February 2014

Review: 88 Warm Eyeshadow Palette from Tmart.com

Hi all! Today I'm sharing my short review of the 88 color professional warm eyeshadow palette from Tmart.com. Tmart is a website with a huge assortment. You can find everything there - from make up, nail products to camera accessories and home appliances. It's a website for men and women and even I was amazed by the wide choice that they have haha. Check out today's blogpost ^^!

I received this eyeshadow palette from tmart.com (link to product) and it's sold for €10,76 there including free shipping. They ship worldwide for free, so there won't be any additional costs. It's a very good price for 88 colors, which means it is 0,12 cents for one color, how cheap is that?! They also sell eyeshadow palettes which looks like the famous urban decay palettes, but the price is way lower. I'm wondering if those are good though (link to replica naked 3 palette).

As you can see it comes in a black matte case, a mirror and 2 applicators. It contains shades for smokey looks as well as neutral shadows for everyday wear. This palette has been created with all skin tones in mind to give every individual the ability to use this palette to the fullest.

Just to give you an idea of the pigmentation, I swatched the most right row of the palette on my arm. It contains eyeshadows with shimmer as well as matte shades. I've found the texture of the eye shadows to be quite smooth. The shimmers aren't full of large glitter particles - they're all reasonably milled with an average level of pigmentation as you can see from the random swatches I did.

Since this palette has a low price, you shouldn't expect the best ingredients in it. It contains for example silica and mineral oil which are both not suitable for the sensitive eyelids since it could cause irritations. So yeah, if you have sensitive eyelids I would not recommend to use this. I haven't had any bad reactions from it though.

To be honest, I just wanted to have a palette where I can just play around with. I can create smokey as well as natural looks with it so I'm pretty happy with this palette. This would be the perfect gift for a teenager who is just getting into makeup or for someone that wants to experiment before purchasing the more expensive ones. 88 colors for around €10,76 ain't expensive and the quality is not bad either. However, like I said before, this palette doesn't contain the best ingredients so people with sensitive eyelids… stay out of this.

Did I make you curious? You can purchase it at tmart.com.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes
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